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“I am incredibly honoured to have had the chance to represent the Softdream! This is just the start of many exciting news to come (in 2021, Emil founded the ADAXIS startup based on the SoftDream project).”

Emil Johansson, behind Softdream & CEO of ADAXIS (former Softdream)

2020  BoostUp! Winner, Create category

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Interview with Emil Johansson




“I really didn’t see it as a competition, it was nice to meet the other participants, talk to them and hear about their solutions. We are hoping for introductions to companies that we do not know yet, to build our network and meet people that could be useful for us. EIT has a Europe-wide network, so I think that helps in terms of getting support in different countries.”

Martin Plutz, Managing Director of Oculavis

2020 BoostUp! Winner, Accelerate category

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Interview with Martin Plutz




“Being part of BoostUp as an important marketing opportunity, felt important to build our profile. Our ambition as a company is to become more international and expand into mainland Europe, and we believe that working with EIT Manufacturing can help us to achieve that. We also hope that it can help us give us an edge in terms of R&D partnerships and adopting new technologies. Since the competition, we have already been introduced to researchers at Ruhr University that are working with Augmented Reality, that’s not an opportunity we would have had otherwise.”

Mary Williams, Commercial Director at Orbis MES

2020  BoostUp!, Transform category

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Interview with Mary Williams