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BoostUp! at our
Co-location Center East

The fourth BoostUp! Regional final hosted by Co-location Center East, Vienna, Austria, took place on October 29-30, 2020.

Twelve promising European ventures were awarded. Read more about them here.

Hannes zoom

“With the BoostUp! 2020 Regional Finals of CLC East we could show the tremendous innovation potential of Eastern Europe. Our candidates presented creative and new solutions to direct the European manufacturing industry, towards a more sustainable and competitive one and proved that Europe will be the number one player leading the global manufacturing progress. Together with our strong eco-system, we will continue our work for the good of Europe’s manufacturing sector.”

Johannes HUNSCHOFSKY, Director, Co-Location Center East.

Co-location Center East is based in Vienna, Austria, and covers the following countries:

• Hungary
• Slovenia
• Romania
• Croatia
• Bulgaria
• Austria
• Greece
• Slovakia
• Czech Republic